Sunday, September 21, 2008

Squatting rises in the US of A

While banks continue to make thousands homeless in the persuit of massive profits, real estate agents bemoan the rise in squatting. The dreadful fact that people are being evicted from their family homes in order to keep the buildings empty doesn't seem to warrant a mention in this article from mercury news.
Instead the article dramatises the supposed danger that is posed by trespassers, continually citing the pepper spray that the realtors insist on carrying despite none of them actually knowing of any instances of a violent squatter.
Some realtors go further, like Kirsten Amodeo who has organised self defense classes so the families who've been evicted by banks can now be beaten by realtors. But if that doesn't learn them, Felicia Horkins (Amodeo's associate), only wishes she could carry a concealed weapon.

By the way, i stumbled across this story on this cool blog called SquatterCity. Check it out.


Acumensch said...

Hey Liam, I found your post on Squatter City. I like that blog too.

I have been thinking the same thing about increasing squats given the housing market. As shelters close down in my city of Tacoma, WA, I plan on advertising empty lots as if they were prime real estate for squats.