Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When boring landlords (try to) attack!

Okay obviously it's been sometime since a post on here.

We're still living in our squat that we've been in since December 26. I've had limited Internet access since then, and mostly when i get on i do whatever research I've been meaning to do, and of course check facebook!

Last Friday, 27th Feb 09, the landlords showed up. They wanted us to leave, we chatted, they said they'd come back to chat another time, they didn't show up, and now they've said they'll come by on Thursday 5th to "discuss options" for our house.

They've evicted the factory next door which was being used as a peoples kitchen (very successfully), a place to crash for radical tourists, 2009's squatfest and of course as a home.

When there is some progress i will post about it. Until then, wish us luck!