Saturday, August 30, 2008

Armed Party Poopers

"Riot squad police have shut down an illegal dance party in Sydney's inner suburbs sending home 1500 disgruntled party-goers." Reports Livenews.
The party was pretty awesome, with about 7 different area's set up throughout the factory, which had a really nice vibe. 3 floors, video installations, lights, lasers etc.

The cops, needless to say, over reacted to this, using unwarranted physical force on people who had just had their party needlessly shutdown.
Obviously upset they'd not been invited, they proceeded to invite all their friends including "Numerous additional police, including the Public Order and Riot Squad, the Dog Squad, Polair and Police Rescue"

From an email posted on a public forum; "To the party people - Your approach to modern life is an inspiration to part time anarchists, 8-ball sharks, lovers of cutting edge underground and all the other miscreants."


Dom said...

yeah, what a night that was. "police confronted violent partygoers" was one media report. That was a caption to a picture of police surrounding the front whilst a bunch of peaceful, happy partygoers left the premises. There was NOT one angry face or evidence of any violence, there was no one hurling various items at police or anything. Channel 7 News even added the sound of a breaking bottle into the news cast to further provoke its uninformed, unintelligent viewers into believing the party was "violent" and "dangerous" and to increase paranoia about the state of youth in society. Fucking bollocks.

Liam said...

Haha yes i just looked on youtube for the video but couldnt find it. I'm sure it's there somewhere though. I wonder if that warehouse is still empty, i think the cops made the owners secure it though.